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Kelsey Machado, B.A.

CAPPA Trained Doula

Kelsey is a McKinleyville local and HSU (Cal Poly Humboldt) Alumni. She is an online Community Health Instructor at a private medical school and teaches topics such as advocacy in healthcare, generational trauma and care coordination.


As a doula, whether it be for birth or postpartum, Kelsey is your third-party advocate that provides unbiased evidence-based information. As a doula Kelsey cuts out the noise providing only evidence-based resources and research. 

Her approach is to walk alongside you in a relationship-based manner. From in-depth in-home visits in each trimester, birth plan preparation, resource referrals to in person birth support where she supports you as well as engages and guides your support person- Kelsey is there.


Unbiased, Evidence Based Support

As a CAPPA trained doula, Kelsey holds space for others to be empowered along their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.


She has experience working with doula clients of many identities including plus size, vaginal births after cesareans, advanced maternal age, hypertension, faith based, and more.

Kelsey is a staunch believer in body sovereignty and body autonomy. She believes it is crucial to feeling heard, safe and respected throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


About, cont.

Kelsey is a trained cofacilitator of A Mothers Village, a weekly gathering of women in Eureka. You are invited to come be in circle and experience a true village of women and mothers supporting and uplifting others. Learn more here.

Professionally Kelsey has worked in reproductive healthcare since 2016. She began as a Sex Educator at HSU in the student health center. From there she got involved in legislative affairs and public relations for Planned Parenthood. She sees the need for informed, consent-based care regardless of where a woman is at in her family planning journey.

She enjoys being immersed in nature with her small but mighty family, drinking chai with her dear friends, practicing yoga, and endlessly attempting to be more present in the here and now.

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Needing a birth or postpartum doula in Humboldt County, California? 

Reach out to see if Kelsey is a good fit as a birth or postpartum doula for you. 


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