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Birth Doula Support

Birth doula services provide you (and your partner) with care, understanding, information and support before and during birth.  Research shows that having a doula present at a birth can improve outcomes. Still not convinced? Check out the testimonials tab.

Complimentary Consult

Before committing to the investment of a doula it is important to feel comfortable with them. Kelsey offers a complimentary consultation before moving forward with any client.

Umlimited 24/7 Call/Text/Email

Reap the benefits of a doula even before your birth. Want an evidence-based peer reviewed resource? Sure thing. Need to debrief an appointment with your provider? You got it. Just a call, text, email, or Facetime away.

Advocacy & Consent

Kelsey helps wish the coordination and advocating for your birth plan. She aims to aid in the facilitation of consent-based conversations and practices during your birthing experience.

In Home Prenatal Visits

Three (or two if you wish) in-home prenatal visits. This is a time to create, discuss & then finalize your birth plan. Practicing birthing positions, visualization & preparation are key.

On Call & at Your Side

Kelsey is "on-call" for your birth at 38 weeks. Meaning you can call at 2am, 9pm or whenever you wish and she can come. She does NOT have a time limit to your birth. Whether your birth is 12 hours or 36 hours- she is there to serve you.

Two Postpartum Visits

Two (or one if you prefer) 2 hour in home postpartum visits. A time to debrief your birth. Cozy up with a cup of tea, nurse your baby and rekindle those blissful birthing memories. Laughs, tears and lifelong memories are welcome.

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