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Below are testimonials and reviews from those Kelsey has supported in the past. 

"I would recommend her to anyone looking for respectful and friendly support before, during, and after birthing."

"From the start she was calm, compassionate, and relatable."

"I am very grateful for Kelsey to help us welcome our little girl into the world. Kelsey was the best moral and spiritual support we could have had for our first birth."

 "Kelsey was a valuable source of impartial, evidence-based information whenever I had questions or doubts about what was ahead."

 "I was needing more consent and informed based care than they [providers] were offering, so we sought out a doula who would help us navigate the end of pregnancy through birth, and Kelsey was just the person for the job."

"She helped me feel strong and capable during a hospital and birth experience"

"Kelsey is such a gift to our Humboldt County community - she is thoughtful and loving and you can feel it immediately on meeting her. She is a deeply caring and empowering doula I would recommend to anyone looking for support in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum."

"Kelsey is such an incredibly supportive soul! She is understanding, kind, approachable, and well informed-- just the type of person you want supporting you during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Her care for mothers and babies is beautiful and genuine. She's a gem!"

"Kelsey is warm and incredibly knowledgeable and well versed! I feel safe and listened to working with her. I highly recommend her services."

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