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How it Works

So you're pregnant. You think (or you know) you want to hire a doula.

Now what?

Here is a step by step guide below from finding a doula to postpartum.

Positive Pregnancy Test

AHHHH! Exciting! First things first- assemble your care team (make sure a doula is on that team!). This will be who wraps around you to care for you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Reach out and establish care. Email Kelsey for an in person consult to discuss how you are mentally and emotionally handling pregnancy, and how you envision birth. 

Hiring Kelsey

Ok, you have met with Kelsey and you want to hire her! Wonderful! 50% of payment is due at time of booking. She will then send you over her contract, and some intake forms to best equip her in supporting you. She will send you a birth plan template to work on till the next time she sees you as well as requested information she will need to set up a meal train for you. You then have Kelsey on your care team and she is happy to support you and refer you to resources in the community so you are set up for success.

Second Trimester

Kelsey will meet with you in person to go over your birth plan and discuss in detail key points and clarifying questions. She will work with you and your birth support person/partner/spouse to fully grasp and understand your wishes and ensure they are honored to the best of her ability. She will walk you through the labor and birth process from start to finish for you to get an understanding on what to do day of and how she will support and guide you and your support person. As you await the big day she is happy to connect you to resources on how to best navigate your health care or where to receive the best care in town (ex: chiropractic care, prenatal massages or where to find prenatal yoga.)

Third Trimester

The final stretch! A meeting will be set to go over a finalized birth plan and discuss and tweaks, edits or revisions you may wish to make. Your remaining balance will be due at this time. Kelsey will walk through your birth plan with you and walk you through the entire birth and labor process start to finish. From first contraction to entering postpartum Kelsey will give you a detailed understanding of what to expect when. She will discuss in what ways she can cue and guide you and your birth support person. (Think positions (and guiding you and your support person into those positions), affirmations, massage, pressure points, ensure you are drinking water, coordinating bathroom breaks, aromatherapy, and more).


The day has come! When labor is progressing you let Kelsey know when you would like her presence. She will arrive calmly and quietly, allowing you and your partners engery to flow through each surge. Through incorporating your partner she encourages a closeness between the two of you built on support, trust and compassion.  She will fill the water bottles, get the affirmations hung up, all while guiding you and your partner to new positions to encourage labor.  She will empower you to use your voice to best impliment your birth plan.


Kelsey will remain two hours after your baby arrives and has been fed (whether nursed or bottle fed). From there she leaves you in a state of blissful snuggles. At three days postpartum she will check in and within three weeks she does an in-home visit to debrief your birth experience. Laughs, cries, and baby cuddles are all normal at postpartum visits. She is happy to help refer you to lactation consultants, breastfeeding support groups and more. 

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